Create a Dojo

Starting your own Dojo is fun and rewarding. Making the choice to grow a community and join thousands of community members worldwide will forge lifelong skills and friendships. It’s easy to follow our step by step guide to getting started when you jump in now!

CoderDojo Champions are passionate, driven (not always techie!) volunteers to take charge of setting up, running and maintaining a Dojo. Often Co-Champions these responsibilities.

The first step to having a verified Dojo and being a Champion is registering on this website!

A Dojo needs a team of volunteers. Usually a mix of technical Mentors and non-technical Volunteers. We recommend a ratio of 1 Mentor to 8 young people, but it’s up to you!

Location is vital for running a successful Dojo. You need a venue with power sockets, internet access, tables and chairs. Try local community spaces, offices, and educational institutions. However, you cannot host Dojo’s in private residences.

Meet with your team, pick a date and plan the first few sessions. There lots of learning resources available on this website you can create your own if you need something else.

Setup communications (e.g. email and Twitter) specifically for your Dojo. Consider inviting young people via local schools or youth groups. You can also set up ticketing on the CoderDojo website to know who to expect on the day and ensure they’ll fit in the venue!

Once you’ve registered and been verified, put together a plan, your team is prepped and you have a group eager to become CoderDojo Ninjas then you’re ready to begin the real fun!