We have collected resources, produced by community members, partners and the Foundation itself, that can help you in setting up and running your Dojo.
The collection includes guidelines on how to mentor, a look at how a typical Dojo runs, flyers to recruit Mentors or explain CoderDojo to parents, as well as educational material, exercises and project ideas to give to the Ninjas at your Dojo.

Training Resources

Access other CoderDojo resources such as our new e-learning modules and erasmus+ recommended practice.


The Recommended Practice is a set of guiding principles that Dojos can choose to meet. Styled in the ‘Sushi Card’ format, these principles are to serve as a guide for new and existing Dojos wishing to meet best practice.
Coming Soon


Learning isn’t just for the young. At CoderDojo we fully believe in lifelong learning which is why we are launching our first E-Learning modules. These two pilot modules are made for volunteers to improve their knowledge of the CoderDojo Ethos and how to mentor at CoderDojo.

E-Learning Modules

Share your work!

This collection is built on contributions from members of the CoderDojo community. If you have produced a piece of original content for your Dojo, or found a useful resource online that you think others might find useful, please contribute it to the collection!